Important Dates


We are excited that you chose UT!  Be sure to mark your calendar with the following deadlines, to ensure the application process goes smoothly!

Future Vols

Application opens August 1. You may apply by logging into your VIP account at or via

Please note: Submitting an application for admission after the deadlines indicated below may result in your application being updated to the next available term.

New Vols

Undergraduate Admissions Deadlines are as follows:

















* A portfolio is recommended but not required for Architecture freshman and transfer applicants. If you choose to submit a portfolio, please do so by December 1. For more details, please read the portfolio information.

First-year applicants for competitive scholarships and the Chancellor’s Honors Program must apply for admission by November 1. Separate scholarship and honors applications must be submitted by admitted students by December 1.

If you don’t know which student category you’re in, please visit our apply section for more information.