Living in Knoxville

There’s no such thing as a boring Saturday when you live here. Knoxville is chock-full of things to enjoy throughout the year including: concerts, great restaurants, unique shops, museums, the zoo, the Sunsphere, historic home tours, Civil War sites, river boat cruises, train rides, the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, hockey games, and street festivals.

Knoxville and the surrounding East Tennessee region make this the perfect place to spend a day outdoors. The nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers more than 800 miles of maintained hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Here in town, you can enjoy boating on the Tennessee River or jogging, bicycling, or walking on greenways that wind throughout the city.

It’s easy to branch out, too.

A number of major cities are just a few hours away, and airlines offer low-cost flights from McGhee Tyson Airport to beaches in the Southeast and cities in the West.

Your biggest challenge is picking a destination for those weekend trips and spring break getaways.



Several major cities can be fun one-day or weekend destinations. Here are a few, with their distances and driving times.

Distance Breakdown
Asheville, NC 2 hours 110 miles
Chattanooga, TN 2 hours 115 miles
Nashville, TN 3 hours 180 miles
Atlanta, GA 3.5 hours 200 miles
Charlotte, NC 4 hours 240 miles
Cincinnati, OH 4 hours 250 miles
Louisville, KY 4 hours 240 miles
Memphis, TN 6 hours 390 miles
Charleston, SC 6.5 hours 375 miles
St. Louis, MO 8 hours 500 miles
Washington, DC 8 hours 500 miles


At McGhee Tyson Airport, you can catch direct flights to destinations including: Chicago, Denver, Washington, D.C., Orlando, and several beach cities.