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inVOLve FAQs

UT’s summer inVOLve program gives a select group of students the opportunity to take two summer classes on the UT campus and, after meeting program requirements, enroll as fully admitted freshman students in the fall semester.

Program requirements are designed to prepare students for full enrollment at UT and to introduce them to important campus programs that will help ensure their future success.

  1. Complete English 101 (or 102) and Math 119 (or Psychology 110, if eligible) with grades in both classes of at least C, and with a combined grade point average of at least 2.5.
  2. Complete an orientation session for fall semester. 1st summer session students will have Orientation on July 9-10, after their session. 2nd summer session students will have orientation on July 2-3, before their session.
  3. Attend a weekly meeting with an academic coach at the Student Success Center. These may be group or individual meetings and will be determined by the SSC office.

inVOLve students have the choice to register for either 1st summer session (June 6 – July 6) or 2nd summer session (July 9 – August 9). Most will take English 101 (Composition I) and Math 119 (College Algebra). Participants with a 25 or higher ACT math (or 590 SAT math) score will take Psychology 110 instead of Math 119. Participants who have already earned credit for English 101 will take English 102.

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to live on campus for their academic session and orientation in either Clement or Stokely residence halls. inVOLve students enrolling in 1st summer session will be able to stay in the residence hall until orientation on July 9-10. inVOLve students enrolling in 2nd summer session will be able to move in to residence halls on July 1, prior to their required July 2-3 orientation session.

Participants that meet the inVOLve requirements and enroll as freshman in the fall are required to live on campus.  Participants who live within 50 miles of campus may request a residency exemption at to commute from the home of their parents or legal guardians.

University Housing cannot guarantee that your summer assignment will be the same as your fall assignment.

To identify yourself as a student with a disability and request special accommodations, please contact the Student Disability Services at 865-974-6087 or

Not meeting the program requirements will result in the admission status being changed to UT’s Volunteer Bridge Program. Under those circumstances, students will take fall and spring classes at Pellissippi State Community College, and not at UT.

The offices of Undergraduate Admissions and Registrar will work together to enroll you in the courses required for inVOLve, after we know if you will be participating in 1st or 2nd summer session.

  1. You should confirm your enrollment at UT for fall 2018 at myUTK and pay the nonrefundable $250 enrollment deposit. This will be credited toward your summer class cost.
  2. Inform the Office of Undergraduate Admissions of your choice to enroll in 1st summer session or 2nd summer session classes.

For a full list of next steps, please visit

  1. Tuition and fees will be for 6 credit hours. The cost to take 6 credit hours for Tennessee residents is $4554.00, and the cost for out-of-state students is $7302.00. Details are at
  2. Residence hall cost is based on hall selection. The cost for a double occupancy room in Clement Hall is $983.00 for either 1st or 2nd A single room (buyout) in Clement or a shared suite in Stokley range from $1243.00-$1392.00. Details are at
  3. Dining during inVOLve will be at the participant’s choice. An optional a-la-carte meal plan is available for $200, but does not guarantee a certain number of meals. Numerous convenience stores also are on campus, and nearby Cumberland Ave. has a large number of fast food and sit-down restaurants.

inVOLve participants are eligible to use financial aid that they are offered, based on their 2017-2018 FAFSA filing. Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship funds are not available to any student before fall entry terms.

After you have confirmed your enrollment and paid the $250 nonrefundable enrollment deposit by May 1, you will receive information from University Housing about selecting a residence hall for Fall 2018.