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Best Practices – College Contact Report


Each Tuesday morning, authorized parties will receive an email with the College Contact Report generated by OIT. These reports will be customized by college/area of interest per individual user. Each report contains admitted student data to be used for aggregate reporting and communication to admitted students from academic colleges.


Each report is cumulative–data will be updated weekly. The major indicated on the report is the student admitted major. Students often change their mind regarding their major or are admitted to a competitive major at a later date, so a student may be on your report this week, but not the next. Should a major change, it will be indicated on the next contact report delivered.


Some things to note in the report:

There is a column titled “Confirmed” indicating enrollment status. N means not confirmed. Y means confirmed. Declined means they have declined their offer of admission. If students have declined their admission to the university, please forgo any further communication from the college level.



As you will receive a new contact report weekly, please do not store these admitted lists or create multiple versions of the report. We hope that in sending the report weekly, the data will be the most updated. At the end of the recruitment cycle (end of July), we will ask you to permanently delete these lists.



Please do not share these lists widely, as the lists contain FERPA protected information.

If you would like additional staff to receive these weekly reports, please encourage them to submit a Footprints ticket at Please log in and submit your request for the report.

Should you need to share the list with a colleague, please encrypt the file and/or send via Vault. Please include a link to this page with the list to ensure proper data usage.



We would encourage you to communicate with admitted students to your college in consultation with your communications/marketing director. Should you need assistance in creating a comprehensive communication timeline, please contact Lauren Rucker–Director of Enrollment Management Communications ( Please see a sample timeline below.


Early/Late Fall

Letter or email from a Dean or Faculty Member: welcome message with some information about the

college, why we are excited that the student has chosen UT, things to look forward, encouragement to contact the college for further inquiries.

Early Spring

  • Handwritten note from current student in respective college/major
  • Letter or email from a Dean: career path, points of pride, college accomplishments

Late Spring (April)

  • Department Mailer: experience learning, leadership, study abroad, research
  • Call campaign or emails from college