Fall 2023 Status Update Definitions


Students who receive an admissions decision of “Admitted” are admitted to the entering class of Fall 2023. Admitted students should confirm enrollment no later than May 1, 2023 in order to reserve their place in the incoming class and complete next steps, like registering for New Vol Orientation and UT’s on-campus housing contract.


Students who receive a waitlist decision may opt-in to join the Fall 2023 waitlist and participate in one of two pathway programs — Verto Vols or Rocky Top Transfer. Our waitlist is not ranked, and we review students holistically when determining which students will be admitted from the waitlist. Students who opt-in to join the waitlist will be contacted if capacity becomes available. For more information about the Fall 2023 waitlist and pathway programs, please visit admissions.utk.edu/waitlist.

Denied, Vol Access Collaborative Pathway

Based on academic criteriaselect applicants to UT Knoxville not offered first-year admission will have the opportunity to enroll as first-year students at another UT System campus (Chattanooga, Martin, or Southern) to begin their college careers, as part of the new Vol Access Collaborative program. Students may elect to enroll at another UT System campus through this program with a guaranteed transfer pathway to UT Knoxville for Fall 2024. For more information, please visit the Vol Access Collaborative website. 


Students with a denied decision are not offered admission to UT at this time. Although students may be denied admission, we encourage applicants to consider a transfer pathway at a later date. More information about programs, opportunities, and scholarships available for transfer students can be found at transfer.utk.edu.

Deferred – Early Action Decision Release Only

A deferred decision is not a denial decision. A student whose decision is deferred to the second release remains under consideration for admission and can expect to receive an admissions decision in mid-February. Students whose decision is deferred can choose to provide new information to strengthen their application, such as mid-year high school grades and new test scores. The deadline to submit additional materials is Monday, January 30.

Strengthening Your Application 

  • You can provide academic recommendation letters from teachers and mentors.
  • Upload additional materials in your Go Vols Portal on the Next Steps tab. Navigate to the Upload Materials Section on the right-hand side. Select the material from the drop-down menu to select the file type.
  • Continue providing test scores if you feel your current scores do not reflect your academic performance.
    • You can continue self-reporting unofficial scores in your Go Vols Portal under the GPA & Test tab.

Updating Mid-Year High School Grades

We encourage you to update your SRAR to include 7th semester grades (grades from the first semester of your senior year). Our Admissions team will receive your updated SRAR within 24-48 hours. You can update your SRAR in the Go Vols Portal:

  • On the Next Steps tab, click the “Log into My SRAR” button
  • On the next page, click the orange “Continue to SRAR” button
  • If your SRAR is locked, it will say it is locked and linked together
  • To make changes, click the orange “Continue” button at the bottom
  • Under “Action Items” in the middle of the page, click on “Make Changes to your SRAR.”
  • There will be a pop-up that indicates “Warning: Update Academic Record.” Click on the blue “OK” to make changes.
  • You may now update your senior year grades and resubmit your SRAR. Once you see the checked flag with “Record Complete” next to it, you have successfully updated your SRAR

For information about requesting an admissions decision appeal, click here.