Pay Your Way: Fall 2024

Hey Volunteers—we can’t wait to see you on campus in a few weeks! As you’re preparing to make Rocky Top your new home sweet home, we want to help you get ready and understand how to pay for your first semester at UT. Keep an eye on your mailbox—a booklet is on the way with all the details about payment that you need for a successful start to your year on Rocky Top! 

Don’t forget–You can always find all of the payment dates and resources you need on the One Stop website!

Payment Basics

Payment for your Fall 2024 Semester is due on August 9 by 4:30 p.m. ET. It’s important to pay on time so you keep your class schedule, and avoid late fees or holds!

Many students enroll in the deferred payment plan to have more flexibility and time to make their payments. To enroll in the plan, students must pay an initial 50% of the total semester charges by the payment due date, and then pay the second and third payments in the next two months. Visit our Deferred Payment Plan webpage to learn more about this option. 

You may decide to use loans to help bridge the gap between what your financial aid covers and what you still owe. You decide which loans you’d like to accept! To learn more about the different types of loans that may be available to you, visit our Loans webpage. 

You can also explore the Federal Work-Study program, external scholarships, and discounts and waivers that may be available to you to help pay any remaining balance you may have.

Your Next Steps

Prepare for Fall 2024 Semester on Rocky Top! Our checklist will help you stay on track if you are taking out student loans, paying your tuition and fees with a 529 form, or using third party payments. 

*Please Note: These are simply guidelines for students who need to take these steps. 

July 16: 

  • Submit any alternative loans and complete the PLUS loan process 

July 22: 

  • Request a 529 from your financial institution
    • A 529 plan is an educational savings plan designed to help families save for future college expenses. Funds from a 529 plan can be used for various qualified educational costs at UT. If you have a 529 plan, please contact your 529 account manager to learn about the process for withdrawing funds.
  • UT must receive any third party sponsors/billing forms 

August 1: 

August 9: 

  • Make your fall payment by 4:30 p.m. ET. 
    • UT accepts these payment methods:
      • Pay easily online via E-Check through your MyUTK account 
      • Credit or debit card 
      • Check, money order, 529s or cashier’s check 

We recommend you also consider these items to make payments a breeze:

  • Add an authorized user to your account. UT will not discuss your personal information with other people—including your parents or legal guardians—unless you give us permission. If you would like to provide a trusted person in your life (such as a parent or legal guardian) with access to your account, you can add them as an Authorized User in MyUTK.
  • Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with a peer guide or counselor at the Center for Financial Wellness (CFW)! The CFW coaches can help you understand financial basics, learn more about your loans, create a spending plan for your time at UT and more.

We’re Here to Help

Check out our Billing and Statements webpage for all the information you need about making your payments. If you have specific questions regarding payments, enrolling in the deferred payment plan, or about your financial aid and billing statement, please contact One Stop. We are here to help you on your road to Rocky Top!