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Other Applicants

Determine which category best describes you and read more about the steps you need to take toward joining us at UT.

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville uses a holistic review process for all applicants, including an evaluation of high school coursework, grades and academic rigor. UT’s holistic admissions review also gives students the opportunity to showcase nonacademic talents, including leadership, community engagement, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. UT’s broad review process aims to evaluate each applicant’s college readiness and preparation to contribute in positive ways to the campus community.

All applicants may be asked to provide additional academic information to assess readiness for college level coursework. UT encourages all students to submit supporting documentation with their application that will highlight academic accomplishments.

All first-year students who apply with or without ACT or SAT test scores are eligible for scholarship consideration. Visit One Stop’s website for more information on scholarship criteria. For information about the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship and General Assembly Scholarship eligibility, please refer to the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) website.

Readmission Student

If you were previously enrolled at UT as a degree-seeking student but had a break in enrollment or graduated, you are a readmission applicant.
Readmission Student

Non-Degree Seeking Student

If you already earned a bachelor’s degree from UT or another institution and aren’t seeking a second degree, you may apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student. If you were previously enrolled at UT, you will need to complete a readmission application.

Non-degree Seeking Student

College Visiting Student

If you attend another college or university as a full-time student in good standing and intend to return to that college, you may attend UT for one semester as a college visiting student.
College Visiting Student

High School Visiting and Dual Enrollment Student

If you are a high school student, you may attend UT as a part-time high school visiting student or a dual enrollment student. You will need the permission of your parents, your principal, your school counselor, and the director of admissions.

High School Visiting and Dual Enrollment Student

Homeschool Student

UT Knoxville welcomes applications from students who participate in a homeschool curriculum. Like all applicants, homeschool students undergo a holistic review process based on academic coursework and preparedness, including an evaluation of high school transcript and additional academic indicators.