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Undergraduate Admissions
Ready to be a Vol?

Start your application for admission to Tennessee’s top public university, where you’ll have countless opportunities and community support along the way.

Two Ways To Apply

Start your application. We’ve made it easy – you can apply one of two ways.

Common Application

Fill out your application at and choose the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Go Vols Application

Register for a Go Vols account and then complete your application.

If you’d like to request a waiver for your application fee, please complete and submit the application fee waiver form.

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Admission Requirements

We’ve made it easier than ever to apply for admission. Learn more about how to apply and the requirements to join our Volunteer family!

First-Year Students

First-year students are applying to attend college for the first time! Review admissions requirements for first-year students here.

Transfer Students

Interested in studying on campus or online but have credits from another higher education institution? Review admissions requirements for transfer admission here.

International Students

Review admissions requirements for international students or those living abroad.

Other Applicants

We’ve listed out admissions requirements for students seeking readmission, dual enrollment credit, or other ways to study at UT here!

UT has been among the top public universities in the country for years. Our access to state-of-the-art research facilities, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and world-renowned faculty continue to put UT at the forefront of innovation and discovery. Nestled between the Tennessee River, Downtown Knoxville, and the Great Smoky Mountains makes UT the perfect place to explore what’s possible.