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Ayres Hall

Ayres Hall—our most recognized academic building on campus—is home to the College of Arts and Sciences and houses the Math department!

Get an Inside Look

The Hill leads up to Ayres Hall and comprises the oldest part of the university and is home to various majors, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Climbing the “Hill” is a right of passage, but well worth the walk up the 93 steps to the top!

Ayres Hall is considered the landmark building of the university. UT-themed music, including our alma mater, is played at 5 p.m. daily from the Ayres Hall bell tower. At the top of the tower is the familiar checkerboard theme that is carried over to the end zones of Shields-Watkins Field! Watch below to learn more about Ayres Hall from the perspective of a campus tour guide.

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Ayres Hall Pro-Tip

Up on the Hill, you’ll find Ray’s Place. Ray’s Place is a historic eatery in part of one of the oldest buildings we have on campus. You don’t want to miss trying it out!

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