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Research Day

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  • High School Juniors

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    March 24, 2018
    9:00 am—5:00 pm

    Co-sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Office of Undergraduate admissions, this event is the first of its kind. Research Day will showcase some of the most exciting research areas on campus. During breakout sessions you will visit labs, studios, classrooms, and more to learn about the experiential learning activities happening across disciplines. You will also meet professors and current UT students who are actively involved in research.

    Parents and guests are welcome to attend!


    Registration is now closed for this event. We encourage you to register for and attend Big Orange Preview on April 28!



    8:30 –9 a.m.      Check in

    9–9:45 a.m.       Welcome Session

    10–10:45 a.m.   First Breakout Session

    11–11:45 a.m.    Second Breakout Session

    12–1:30 p.m.      Lunch (on your own)

    1:45–2:30 p.m.   Third Breakout Session

    2:45–4:15 p.m.   General Campus Tours



    Research Day will feature 40 different breakout sessions that you will be able to choose from. Check out the topics and descriptions below to help you select which sessions to attend.

    Click the down arrow to see the description!

    Thinking about majoring in Neuroscience? Visit the lab of Dr. Matthew Cooper, and learn about research into the behavioral, neural, and endocrine factors that regulate social stress, as well as the ways undergraduate researchers can help contribute.

    See our nationally known legal clinic, the Clayton Entrepreneurial Center, which allows law students to engage in practical business and transactional law experiences, and our Institute for Professional Leadership, allowing students to acquire skills necessary to lead in their communities, the state, and across the nation.

    Learn how to take your idea and create a company! The Anderson Center fosters an entrepreneurial culture at the university and across the state by developing student skills and providing experiential learning opportunities.

    Discover what students can do in the Greg and Lisa Smith Global Leadership Scholars develop international and intercultural awareness through honors classes, seminars in leadership training, international experience, extracurricular activities, and undergraduate research.

    See the latest technology, and materials used by CRC researchers to convert biomass into renewable products, including carbon fibers and carbon fiber reinforced polymers, 3D printing resins, and bio-oils for further processing and upgrading to fuels and chemicals.

    Meet our student ambassadors for demonstrations of the Health Innovation Technology and Simulation (HITS) lab, where the College of Nursing works to advance health information technology and healthcare.

    Visit the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials, where Dr. Jian Liu will showcase laser ablation during atomic deposition and give a demonstration of magnetic levitation by a superconductor to illustrate their use in superconducting magnets and other applications.

    This session spans two breakout session time slots.

    Come to this program at the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials to see how advanced materials are being constructed atom-by-atom, and how they are being investigated using various photon sources (e.g., lasers, x-rays) and electron beams. Witness a scanning tunneling microscopy experiment that will allow you to see atoms up close!

    This session spans two breakout session time slots.

    Visit the FabLab downtown, where CoAD will give an overview of research in the disciplines of architecture and interior architecture, including design thinking, design|build|evaluate, community engagement, and then feature the work of two faculty members, Marshall Prado in Architecture and Rana Abudayyeh in Interior Architecture.

    This session spans two breakout session time slots.

    Tour the food science labs and research, including: the use of agar to display the application of food microbiology; the creation of emulsions to show how the presence or absence of specific ingredients can yield varying oil and water solutions; undergraduate research on health-promoting properties and additives to food and beverages; and research on food carbohydrates.

    Visit the Biomass convErsion And Modeling (BEAM) laboratories in the Ellington Building to learn about student research projects and at the Center for Renewable Carbon to hear a student presentation overview of bench-scale biomass conversion reactors.

    See an in-depth display of the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center, where you will see how to track topics on social media. Get an inside look at a visual representation of how social networks function!

    Learn about a wide range of CCI undergraduate research experiences, including: the User eXperience Laboratory with demos and participation of eye tracking and VR; a demo of the Message Effects lab; a display of the tools and products of video production; plus a brief visit to the Adam Brown Social Media Command Center.

    See how The Center for Environmental Biotechnology is involved in a wide range of research projects in molecular biology, cloning, transgenic zebrafish, environmental bioremediation, DNA sequencing, biomedical bioengineering and bioimaging, as well as undergraduate researchers in action!

    Meet MABEline, the synthetic cadaver of UT’s SynDaver lab, the first such lab in a US biomedical engineering program! Your visit will also include the research lab of Dr. Elizabeth Barker, one of MABE’s researchers into the connections between medicine and engineering.

    Come see posters showing the broad range of undergraduate research done on the Flint water crisis, alongside a video explaining the crisis. Faculty members will also discuss research opportunities in the Department of Sociology.

    Learn about the Department of Nutrition’s applied, cellular, and animal nutrition research projects. Meet faculty and students to hear about their research, and get some hands-on experiences in a cellular lab and public health lab setting!

    Visit one UT’s policy think tank – The Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy for a tour of the Center and display of undergraduate research. Hear from current students about their experiences with research on a wide range of domestic and foreign policy topics.

    Take a visit to the ancient Mediterranean world with Professors Aleydis Van de Moortel, Stephen Collins-Elliott, and John Friend, who will host a presentations about ongoing archaeological research projects in Morocco and Greece.

    Learn about the diverse programs and research underway in the Department of English – from creative or technical writing, to digital humanities work with virtual rare books, to an example of public rhetoric scholarship.

    Join Dr. Ryan Gabriel Windeknecht as he demonstrates his use of tabletop role-playing games for teaching and learning philosophy. Non-nerds (i.e., those unfamiliar with tabletop role-playing games and philosophy) are welcome!

    Learn more about the archaeological materials and the USC Visual History Collection, as well as how undergraduate students take part in religious studies research.

    Experience samples of UT’s 10 different language programs, including information on study abroad and the benefits of learning a second (or third) language!

    Meet Dr. Dan Feller, head of the Andrew Jackson Papers project, to learn about the work that goes into researching archival sources and turning them into edited volumes. Your visit may also include a brief demonstration of “reacting to the past” role-playing games that some professors are now using to help students research and present their findings!

    Meet with our graduate students at their lab in Senter Hall 116 and hear their presentations on different areas of research.

    Partake in a view of a plant molecular biology wet lab, plant growth areas, and the light microscopy capabilities of our top labs at UT.

    Discover how high precision equipment is used to measure how microorganisms influence the Earth, and some of the resulting different rocks.

    Learn about ongoing research programs and student involvement in independent research in Biological Sciences labs where all three departments (Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology; Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; and Microbiology) will have activities and presentations.

    Experience an overview of the Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS), where research focuses on family relations, child and adult development, and social contexts for well-being and risk, and meet with faculty and students about their work.

    Tour the Upper Limb Assist Lab, including motion capture and electromyography recording systems for measuring people’s movement and muscle activity. See a prototype of a spring-powered exoskeleton we are developing to help people elevate their shoulder against gravity, and try controlling a virtual hand on a computer screen!

    Visit the Hydraulics and Sedimentation Lab, where you’ll get to see flumes, field gear, lasers, flowing water visualizations, and flow around a bridge structure.

    Visit the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials, and learn about research associated with Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials for Next Generation Structural Materials, including low cost carbon fiber composites.

    This session spans two breakout session time slots.

    Take a tour of the research facilities at the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials and learn about a wide range of interdisciplinary research in engineering and physical sciences!

    This session spans two breakout session time slots.

    Take a tour and have a chance to operate equipment found in the MSE undergraduate labs. Hear from MSE undergraduate students about their research and their experiences with research in the department.

    Meet with faculty and students involved in research through the Center for Behavioral Health Research, as well as undergraduate honors students who are conducting honors research projects. Speak with research faculty and learn about the wide range of their research in a variety of areas and programs of the Center for Behavioral Health Research

    Take an inside look at campus labs and research facilities in Civil and Environmental Engineering!

    Meet and hear from students and faculty in the School of Music, learn about the award winning Pride of the Southland Band, and tour the beautiful Natalie L. Haslam Music Center.

    Explore the workspaces of UT’s studio arts programs. See the great environments for creativity in 2D, 3D, and 4D visual arts.

    Tour the Clarence Brown and Carousel Theatres in the Department of Theatre, see the backstage spaces, and potentially visit the technical rehearsal for Clarence Brown Theatre’s production of Dream of the Burning Boy.

    Experience the process of designing an engaging and dynamic interactive experience within the School of Art. See how language and cultural immersion are being explored in a new technological and educational realm by applying game-based learning mechanics to a variety of subject matter.




    We strive to be an inclusive campus and offer events and visit experiences year-round with all students in mind. Each event is offered multiple times throughout the year in an effort to provide options to our students and families. Should this date conflict with your schedule, please let us know so that we can share other like-events and/or plan another campus visit opportunity especially for you. We look forward to hosting you on Rocky Top!


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