Grow Your Resume with Federal Work-Study at UT!

One of the best opportunities of your college experience is the chance to gain real-world work experience and expand your resume outside of the classroom. UT offers an incredible opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience on or off-campus while having a job that fits their schedule – the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program! 

If you are an eligible first-year student, you will receive an email from UT encouraging you to accept your award. To accept, log into your MyUTK account and select “accept award offer” on the “My Financial Information” section of your MyUTK homepage. 

Check your email frequently over the next few weeks to find out if you are eligible to join this program. If you don’t receive an email encouraging you to join the FWS program but are interested in participating, please contact One Stop to see if you qualify for FWS.

The Perks of Federal Work-Study 

FWS students gain career experience that helps them learn about the types of jobs they may want to pursue after their time at UT. In addition to earning income, FWS offers many program perks, including:

  • Flexible scheduling: FWS jobs work around your schedule – you don’t have to plan your life around your job! Supervisors work with students to make sure they can pick up a few hours between classes or as their schedule allows. Plus, if you don’t want to commute off-campus for a job, you can find a job on-campus. 
  • Professional development: FWS positions are designed to be similar to a high-level internship, so you’ll get quality work experience to add to your resume while getting paid, too!
  • Connection on campus: The FWS program is a great way to make connections on campus with peers and supervisors. Plus, the program provides a chance for you to network with people working in a field you might be interested in, which could help you find additional internships or jobs in the future! 

Community organizations and departments across campus post jobs as part of the FWS program. With positions ranging from Videographer and Vet Assistant to Student Ambassador, Lab Assistant and Native American Interpretive Garden Student Worker, there is a position for everyone in the FWS program!

Details of Federal Work-Study

The specific amount of income a FWS student receives depends on their financial need and the amount of hours they work. On-campus students receive a minimum of $11/hr for on-campus positions and $16/hr for off-campus community service positions.

Once you have accepted your FWS award in your MyUTK account, you will receive more information about the onboarding process. After onboarding, you can apply for jobs!

If you have questions about the Federal Work-Study program, please contact One Stop.