UT’s Center for Financial Wellness is Paving Your Path to Prosperity

As you spend the summer preparing for your arrival on Rocky Top, remember that the Center for Financial Wellness (CFW) is excited to support you! Our CFW coaches will help you prepare to balance academic and financial success. Schedule an appointment with one of our CFW coaches today to learn more about essential financial topics, including:  

  • Designing saving and spending plans based on your situation
  • Setting financial goals
  • Banking basics
  • Building good credit
  • Responsible student loan borrowing and loan repayment
  • Keeping your scholarships and financial aid at UT
  • And more!

The Importance of Financial Wellness

Your college habits and decisions impact your future. Investing in financial wellness as a student supports your success long after you have taken your last walk down Pedestrian Walkway. Here are some reasons why the CFW wants to invest in your financial wellness:  

  • Empowerment Through Education: Understanding money management gives our Vols power over their finances. The CFW wants to see ALL Vols learn to budget, invest wisely, and save for future goals.
  • Debt Management: With student loans being a reality for many, knowing how to manage debt effectively can lead to financial freedom sooner than you think. The CFW provides complimentary loan counseling appointments to inspire Vols to practice responsible borrowing and loan repayment. 
  • Lifelong Benefits: The habits and knowledge gained from financial education benefit you throughout your life, from understanding your paycheck and benefits in your first job after UT, buying your first home, to planning for retirement. The CFW illuminates the path to financial wellness so our Volunteers can pursue what inspires them without financial fears!

Three Ways to Connect with the Center for Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is not just about balancing a checkbook or saving for retirement. It’s about making informed decisions that will set you up for a stable future—no matter where your post-graduation journey takes you. Here are 3 ways to connect with the Center for Financial Wellness today: 

  • Interactive Financial Resources – Just For You! At the CFW, we believe learning about finance should be as interactive and enjoyable as a Vol’s quest for knowledge. That’s why we’ve tailored our resources to suit your vibrant campus life.
    • On-Campus & Virtual Workshops: Whether you’re in Hodges Library or online at home, join us for events that turn financial education into a fun-filled experience.
    • Engaging Financial Tools: From budget calculators to expense trackers, we provide the gadgets to help keep your money game strong.
  • Free, Confidential Financial Advising – Tailored To You Imagine having a personal financial coach on your team. That’s what it feels like to schedule an appointment with the CFW.
    • One-on-One Budgeting Plans: Sit down with us and let’s craft a personalized playbook that’ll get your finances touchdown-ready!
    • Loan Borrowing & Repayment Strategies: Learn about your student loan options, and what choices may be best for your situation. 
    • Banking & Credit Building Tactics: Build a solid credit score faster than Smokey runs across Shields-Watkins Field!
  • Connect With Fellow Vols Whether you’re an undergrad or have recently graduated, connect with peers from all walks of life through our engaging workshops and events. Share tips, celebrate wins and learn money magic together.

Ready to launch into financial success? Visit the Center for Financial Wellness today and let’s make those money moves together. Because when it comes to finances, every Volunteer deserves a victory lap!

Stay financially fit and fearless, Vols!

Contact CFW Today!