Transfer Admissions

Where do I send my official transcripts?

Please request your college or university send official transcripts electronically to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at

You may also request delivery by regular mail to:

The University of Tennessee
Undergraduate Admissions
320 Student Services Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-0230

Can I upload my college transcripts to the application?

No. UT requires official transcripts for admissions review. College transcripts uploaded to the application will be considered unofficial.

I submitted my transfer application – when will I get an admissions decision?

Once we have received your application, official transcripts from all colleges and universities, and the application fee, then your application will be complete and ready for review. For non-competitive majors, allow up to four weeks for the admissions decision. Competitive majors may require more time because there is a supplemental review process by the academic department.

I’ve been admitted to UT, and I want to register for classes. What are my next steps?

Admitted transfer students must confirm their enrollment through their Go Vols portal and then register for transfer orientation. Once you have taken those steps, your admitted academic college will reach out to you directly regarding your advising appointment. More information can be found on the New Student Orientation site under New Vol Registration.

Transfer Grades and Credits

How will my classes transfer to UT?

UT’s course equivalency tables show how courses transfer to UT from other colleges and universities. The database is extensive; however, if an institution or course does not appear on the list, then an official equivalency has not yet been determined. If you have additional questions about your transfer credit, please contact our transcript evaluators at

Does a ‘D’ that I earned at another college transfer to UT?

Yes. Transfer credit will be granted for courses in which a grade of “D-“ or better was earned by students who were admitted or readmitted fall semester 2013 and forward.

Does UT accept developmental or remedial course work?

No, developmental and remedial courses are not transferable and will not count towards your degree.

Does my transfer work at other institutions count in my UT GPA?

No. Credits from other institutions may count toward degree progress at UT, but your UT GPA only includes courses taken at UT Knoxville.

Can I transfer courses that I am currently working on?

Yes. Make sure you send official transcripts once you successfully complete the course(s).

My transcript evaluation has LD and UD, what does that mean?

If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 100 or 200 level work, you are awarded lower division (LD) credit without a specific course number. If UT does not have a direct course equivalent for your 300 or 400 level work, you are awarded upper division (UD) credit without a specific course number.

Through a process called “petitioning” your academic department will determine how the undesignated credit (LD) (UD) is used towards graduation requirements. Be sure to ask your academic advisor about this.

How do I petition an LD or UD course?

Your college advising center or major advisor can walk you through the petition process. Some of the advising centers have petition guidelines posted on their websites.

Who do I need to contact about what courses I need to take to complete my Volunteer Core requirements?

If you have not yet applied to UT, please review the Volunteer Core section of the Undergraduate Catalog. For admitted students, please contact your UT academic advisor. 

Transfer Scholarships and Financial Aid

How do I apply for scholarships?

Transfer scholarships may be found on our One Stop Services website. The transfer scholarship application is available ONLY to admitted students. You must be admitted to access the scholarship application, which may be completed for the start of the school year.

I have questions about financial aid and scholarships. Who can I talk to?

UT offers a broad range of financial aid. Please contact our One Stop Services teams at 865-974-1111 or for more information. Be sure to submit your FAFSA early and add UT to your list of schools.

Prior Learning Credits

I received AP credit in high school that is accepted at my current school. Will I receive the same credit at UT?

Once you have been accepted to UT and we have received official College Board score reports for your AP credit, we will award the appropriate credit based on UT departmental guidelines.

How do I send my AP scores to UT?

Contact College Board and have them send your scores to UT (School Code: 1843).

Tennessee Transfer Pathway

I want to use a Tennessee Transfer Pathway. How do I find out information about this transfer agreement?

Visit the Tennessee Transfer Pathway website for information about the pathways process for students from a public Tennessee community college.

General Requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree

What are the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree?

Please review the general requirements for a bachelor’s degree in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Prior to graduating from UT, transfer students must have completed their last 30 semester hours of credit at UT Knoxville and at least 60 semester hours of credit at a four-year college or university. During the final 30 hours, up to two courses outside a student’s major may be taken at another institution as long as the student has 25% of coursework for the degree completed at UT Knoxville.

All other questions

How does UT convert quarter hours into semester hours?

We divide quarter hours by 1.5. For example, 5 quarter hours converts to 3.33 semester hours; 4 quarter hours converts to 2.67 semester hours.

What is my class standing?

Undergraduate students are classified according to the number of semester hours passed (does not include in-progress coursework), in all programs except architecture, as follows.

0 – 29.9 = First Year
30 – 59.9 = Second Year
60 – 89.9 = Third Year
90+ = Fourth Year

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