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Self-Guided Tour Packet

We are so excited to have you on Rocky Top! We hope you enjoy this self-guided tour of our campus. Feel free to follow along on your phone using this digital guide. You can also download and print a PDF of the self-guided tour below or pickup a booklet in the Visitors Center with the illustrated map. The approximate walking time is two hours.

Download a PDF of This Page


Parking Information

The first step, parking! Please park at one of the below locations:

Volunteer Hall Parking Garage
1545 White Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37916
Proceed into the garage and take a ticket from the kiosk. Parking validation is available at the Visitors Center (Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET) inside the Student Union at 1502 Cumberland Avenue, Suite 282.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
320 Student Services Building, Knoxville, TN 37916
Parking is free on weekdays for up to 45 minutes with a permit from the parking booth at the entrance of Circle Park Drive. If you wish to spend more than 45 minutes on campus, please utilize the Volunteer Hall Parking Garage, which you can access by continuing on Circle Park Drive and turning right onto Volunteer Boulevard. Go straight through the light at Cumberland Avenue and make the first right onto White Avenue. Volunteer Hall Parking Garage is on the left.

Begin your tour by exiting the Volunteer Hall Parking Garage onto White Avenue. Turn right on White Avenue, then turn left onto 16th Street and continue to the intersection of Cumberland Avenue and 16th Street/Volunteer Boulevard. Cross Cumberland Avenue at the light and continue on Volunteer Boulevard.

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Helpful Resources

Campus Tour Videos

Interested in experiencing more about each stop you’re visiting today? Get to know campus (and our students) by following along on a virtual tour led by UT tour guides. Visit to watch interactive videos and learn more about campus. 

Off-Campus Guide

Our campus is just a short walk or drive away from downtown Knoxville, a thriving modern city with small town charm. Learn more about off-campus opportunities to explore after your tour.

We’re here to help.

Contact us at 865-946-8687 or  

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Stop 1—The Student Union

The first building on your left is the Student Union, home to the UT Visitors Center, the Jones Center for Leadership and Service, the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, and the Center for Student Engagement. The Student Union serves as the living room of campus with numerous meeting locations and numerous dining options. This is also home to our Pride Center here on campus, welcoming to all LGBTQ+ and allies. Their motto is “welcoming to all and hostile to none.” 

On your right, opposite the Student Union, is Henson Hall, home to the College of Social Work; the Student Success Center in Greve Hall; and Student Disability Services in Dunford Hall.

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Stop 2—Haslam Business Building

Continue walking down Volunteer Boulevard to the Haslam Business Building, home to the Haslam College of Business. Haslam is home to three nationally-ranked programs, as well as the state-of-the-art Masters Investment Learning Center (MILC). 

Continue along Volunteer Boulevard to the Philander P. Claxton Education Building and the Jane and David Bailey Education Complex, both of which house the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. This college offers a five-year teaching program that prepares teachers by combining a bachelor’s degree in a subject area and a master’s degree in education, with a year of in-classroom experience. Other programs include audiology and speech pathology, sport management, and kinesiology, which can prepare students for a doctorate in physical therapy. 

Proceed down Volunteer Boulevard. At the corner of Peyton Manning Pass and Volunteer Boulevard is the College of Nursing, which is currently under construction. The nursing program is competitive and rigorous, offering direct admission to first-year students. 

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Stop 3—The Torchbearer

Cross over Peyton Manning Pass and proceed to the entrance of Circle Park Drive, then take a slight right, walking toward the Torchbearer statue. The inscription at its base reflects the university’s ideals of service. It bears the words of inspiration, known as the Volunteer Creed: “One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others.”

Behind the Torchbearer is Circle Park, home to Student Services Building, McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, and the College of Communication and Information. The college offers five majors: Information Sciences, Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Media, and Communication Studies. All students can gain hands-on journalism and media experience by working with one of the many publications housed in this college: The Daily Beacon, The Phoenix, WUTK 90.3 The Rock, and more. 

Continue along Volunteer Boulevard, pausing at the traffic light on the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Lake Loudoun Boulevard. Across the street on your right is the Art and Architecture Building, home to the School of Art and the College of Architecture and Design. It is also home to the Ewing Gallery, which regularly displays student and professor work.

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Stop 4—Stokely Hall

Back on the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Lake Loudoun Boulevard, cross straight at the traffic light. Straight ahead is Stokely Hall. This residence hall is one of the university’s newest super-suite style residence halls. Stokely Hall includes a Fresh-to-Order dining facility and parking garage at the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Pat Head Summitt Street. Down Andy Holt Boulevard our new Rocky Top Dining Hall is located on the right. 

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Stop 5—Student Health Center

Continue along Volunteer Boulevard. On your left at the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Pat Head Summitt Street is the Student Health Center. Think of this as your doctor’s office on campus. The center is home to a wide range of medical services from primary care to counseling as well as a full pharmacy.

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Stop 6—The Rock

Cross Volunteer Boulevard to the right and proceed onto Pat Head Summitt Street. On your right is the Rock, the only place on campus where graffiti is permitted and encouraged. Unearthed in the 1960s, the Rock soon thereafter became a canvas for student messages. We recommend stopping here to snap a selfie. Tag @ut_admissions when you stop by! Behind the back side of the Rock and housed within the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, is our new College of Music.

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Stop 7—Brown Hall

Continue straight down Pat Head Summitt Street. Across the street at the corner of Pat Head Summitt Street and Andy Holt Avenue is Fred D. Brown Jr. Hall. This semi-suite style hall houses 680 students on six floors. Take a left, crossing over Pat Head Summitt Street, and continue on Andy Holt Avenue. On your left is the Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building, which includes a swimming pool, weight room, rock climbing wall, classrooms, offices, four gymnasiums and other facilities available for student use.

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Stop 8—TRECS

Continue down Andy Holt Boulevard, passing the student tennis courts on your left. Turn left on the sidewalk on Andy Holt Avenue once you reach the blue brick building. This building is the Student Aquatic Center, which includes indoor and outdoor Olympic-size pools and a fitness facility. Behind the center, across the patio area, is the Tennessee Recreation Center for Students. The TRECS is home to to UT’s outdoor program, fitness classes, basketball courts, club and intramural sports, and more. 

Continue down Andy Holt Avenue passing the Student Aquatic Center and the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center. Cross over Volunteer Boulevard at the traffic light and continue straight onto Joe Johnson Drive. You are now entering the Herbert College of Agriculture. Herbert educates students on careers in the agricultural, environmental, life, and social sciences. Head across the bridge to explore the agricultural campus.

If you would like to forgo visiting the agricultural campus, take a right  on the corner of Andy Holt Avenue and Frances Street. Proceed up Frances Street, turning right onto Melrose Avenue. Continue on Melrose Avenue and pass several houses across the street on the left belonging to religious organizations on campus. Continue on Melrose Avenue. At the corner of Melrose Avenue, across from the St. John XXIII University Parish, is Frieson Black Cultural Center. Open to all students, this building houses the Office of Multicultural Student Life, tutoring services, and a diversity education program.

Cross the street and continue along Melrose Avenue. Ahead on the right is Hess Hall, housing over 900 students. Hess Hall features double occupancy rooms and community bathrooms on each floor. 

Continue straight, passing Hess Hall. The building on your right is Melrose Hall, home to the Center for Global Engagement, which arranges study abroad programs.

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Stop 9—Hodges Library

Ahead and slightly to the right is John C. Hodges Library, the largest of the five libraries on campus. Hodges contains more than three million holdings, including books, periodicals, microfilm, electronic media, and maps. The ground floor of Hodges is home to One Stop Student Services, which combines four major offices on campus: registrar, bursar, financial aid, and undergraduate admissions.

Continue to your right onto Joe Johnson & John Ward Pedestrian Walkway, the main avenue for pedestrian foot travel on campus. The pedestrian walkway is composed of engraved stones that highlight more than 200 years of UT history, starting with our founding in 1794 at the official university seal. Whatever you do, don’t step on the university seal! Rumor has it that if you step on the seal, you won’t graduate in four years. Additionally, a new addition on the pedestrian walkway is the Divine Nine monuments that represent parts of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) here at UTK.

If you would like to tour the Hill, the center of campus for more than 100 years, cross over Volunteer Boulevard, and continue onto the pedestrian bridge, located between the Haslam Business Building and the Claxton Education Building. On the left side of the bridge is the Student Union. This side of the Student Union houses dining options, the Center for Career Development and Academic Exploration, VolBooks, VolTech and VolShop—the world’s largest source of UT gear.

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Stop 10—Neyland Stadium

On the right side of the bridge is Neyland Stadium, one of the largest collegiate football stadiums in the nation, holding 101,915 of your closest friends and family on Saturdays in the fall. Students pay $10 per ticket for games through an online lottery system called Big Orange Tix. All other athletic events are free for students with their VolCard (student ID).

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Stop 11—The Hill

Continue straight along the bridge and follow the stairs up to the Hill and Circle Drive. The Hill comprises the oldest part of the university and is home to various majors, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Once you have hiked the Hill, step onto the sidewalk on Circle Drive. Begin walking toward your right, following the sidewalk. Nielsen Physics Building will be on your right. Stop in front of Nielsen to look across the green lawn on your left at Ayres Hall, the landmark building of the university and home to the College of Arts and Sciences. At the top of the tower is the familiar checkerboard theme that is carried over to the end zones of Shields-Watkins Field.

Continue along the sidewalk passing the Nielsen Physics Building. On your right, you will pass science and engineering buildings housing research labs, the nuclear engineering department, and Dabney Hall and Buehler Hall, home to the department of chemistry. At the sharp right intersection with Middle Drive, look immediately to the right to see the Min Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building, funded by alumnus Min Kao, co-founder of the Garmin company.

Other buildings of the nationally ranked Tickle College of Engineering are located to the right like the new John D. Tickle Civil Engineering Building. Along with Tickle, we also have our new Zeanah Engineering Complex, home to Nuclear engineering, first-year engineering programs, the Kao Innovation and Collaboration Studio, and many research labs.

Continue on Circle Drive until you reach the traffic light at the intersection of Circle Drive and Cumberland Avenue. On your right you will see the Mossman Building. Cross over Cumberland Avenue and continue on 16th Street for one block. To the left is Clement Hall, another of our suite-style halls for men and women. Next to Clement is the new 268,000-squarefoot academic science structure, Strong Hall, which includes a selected restoration of the original 1926 Sophronia Strong Hall. Turn right on White Avenue. Volunteer Hall Parking Garage is on the left. 

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Illustrations by local Knoxville artist and University of Tennessee alumna, Paris Woodhull (‘17).