Fall 2023 Waitlist

Students who receive a waitlist decision are encouraged to opt-in to join the waitlist for Fall 2023 while also choosing to participate in one of two programs: Rocky Top Transfer or Verto Vol. If capacity becomes available in the Fall 2023 first-year class, students who opt-in to join the waitlist will be contacted.

Rocky Top Transfer Program

The Rocky Top Transfer Program will allow students to complete academic coursework at Pellissippi State Community College for one year either in-person or virtually. Upon meeting the program’s 2.5 GPA and 24 transferable credit hour requirements, Rocky Top Transfer students are guaranteed transfer admission to UT for Fall 2024.

Verto Vol

The Verto Vol program allows students to spend the fall semester earning college credit abroad before starting classes at UT. This experience ensures a seamless transition to a spring start at UT. Upon meeting the program’s minimum 2.5 GPA and 15 transferable credit hour requirements, Verto Vol students are guaranteed transfer admission at UT for Spring 2024.

Next Steps

Students invited to join the waitlist should log into their Go Vols Portal and complete the waitlist form on the Just for You tab to determine the following:

  • Opt-in to join the Fall 2023 first-year waitlist
  • Opt-out of the Fall 2023 first-year waitlist
  • Choose to participate in Verto Vol or Rocky Top Transfer

Please complete the form within two weeks of the date on your waitlist letter.After completing the form, students will receive information about next steps via email to confirm their spot in their selected program. Students who are admitted off the waitlist to attend UT in Fall 2023 will be issued a full refund for any deposits made towards the program of their choice.

Waitlist FAQs

Is your waitlist ranked?

No, our waitlist is not ranked.

When will I find out if I have been admitted from the waitlist?

If capacity becomes available, students who opt-in to join the waitlist will be notified via phone and email.

What is the likelihood that I will be admitted from the waitlist?

Students on the waitlist are encouraged to explore and consider other options, including participating in either the Verto Vols or Rocky Top Transfer program, or enrolling at another institution.

Why were so many students placed on the waitlist this year?

We are seeing another record-breaking year for applications—this is the largest and most competitive application pool in our institution’s history. Because we received more applications for admission this year, the competitiveness of our applicant pool has also increased. We will be enrolling a slightly smaller class for Fall 2023.

Can I do anything to strengthen my application to be admitted from the waitlist?

No. Applications for admission have already been reviewed through our thorough holistic review process. This includes any materials deferred decision students submitted by the January 30 deadline.

Will I get any scholarships once I transfer back to UT after participating in one of these programs?

Yes, All in-state students who have successfully met program requirements and transferred to UT through the Volunteer Access Collaborative, Rocky Top Transfer, or Verto Vol pathways and meet required qualifications are eligible for scholarships under the Tri-Star Scholarship Program:

  • UT Promise Scholarship
  • Tennessee Pledge Scholarship
  • Flagship Scholarship

More information about this scholarship program can be found at tiny.utk.edu/tristar.